HP975 Refillable inkjet Cartridges ( 1 set C/M/Y/K )

HP975  Refillable inkjet Cartridges  ( 1 set C/M/Y/K )


  • ➡ It adopts No-sponge structure to avoid damaging the printer head because of cartridge aging.
  • ➡Environmentally friendly: Go through HSF test, safe and no pollution to the environment.
  • ➡Import equipment, and use quality imported PP material, ultrasonic wave welding.anti-corrosion can hold solvent inks etc.
  • ➡Low cost:Transparent refillable ink cartridges,could be used repeatedly,And have special pigment or dye inks,save printing cost a lot then to use original ink cartirdge.
  • ➡Stability: injection moulding, no air leaks,no ink leaks ,no shape changes ,stable quality.


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