Special Promotion

Posted date : 23 Dec 2015

Redeemable RM 5.00 Cash Voucher

For Purchase Value > RM200.00 per invoice , you are entitle for the RM5.00 cash  voucher (able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent), only applicable for your next purchase. 

Wan Yang _ Every Quarterly Great Lucky Draws Prizes

posted date : 03 July 2015


For Purchase Value > RM500.00 per invoice ,You Are Entitle For the Luck Draw Above.. Untuk Nilai Pembelian melebihi RM500.00 ,Anda Berhak Untuk Cabutan Istimewa ! 客户凡每张发票采购价值超过RM500.00 , 将有資格和机会抽以上幸运奖! ..